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    Girls Against God

    Wolf Moon Gathering, MoMA PS1

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    The Return/Vozvrashchenie (dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev, 2003)

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    Color Chart

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  7. laaeasinlacunae asked: So I have to know the story behind the drawing captioned "Dusty Springfield With My Cat Dusty In Heaven." I found it while doing a Tumblr search for DS. And when I saw it, I thought it was the most precious thing I'd seen in ages. But at the same time, I was wary the person who drew it was being ironic. I was determined to put it out of my mind and just believe what I wanted. But I found myself showing it off at band practice tonight. They're more skeptical than I. So what gives? Andy, PDX.

    I LOVE Dusty Springfield and named my kitten after her. But sadly, Dusty died very soon after I adopted him. He was my cat child. I like to imagine him being Dusty Springfield’s cat in heaven. I tattooed an orange kitten and the words ‘all i see is you’ across my chest. I am not being ironic. Thank you for liking my drawing.


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    Folk costume of Voronezh Governorate, Russia

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    had to reblog this, not sure where this clip is taken from, but i would love to know : )

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